Pop Star Dance Party

1 Hour Engagement – Perfect for 5-10 year olds

Not recommended for outdoor parties

KP Angela

           Our Pop Star will sing songs from today's popular pop artists

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Pop Star Tribute Concert As soon as the performer arrives she will perform at a mini concert and sing pop star songs for the children, inviting them to get up and dance and clap along. The birthday girl will be given hairbrushes to hand out to uses as mics as they sing and dance along. Warm-Up Dance Game The Pop Star will play a dancing game with the children to warm them up before their big show. Dance Rehearsal The Pop Star will teach the children the dance moves to one of her favourite songs. Everyone will practice together until they are all ready to do the dance. Pop Star Makeup Before the children perform they get to have their makeup done by the Pop Star! Nails are included if under 10 children. Dance Performance  Parents, grab your cameras! The children are ready to perform their song and dance for you with the Pop Star! Dance Fun Will play popular songs and have a limbo contest, dance freeze, best dancer, craziest dancer, most creative dancer. Present time! The Pop Star has brought a special gift for the birthday girl! Red Carpet The Pop Star will teach all the children how to walk the red carpet! All the children will give their best pop star pose for the photographs. Happy Birthday It's time to gather everyone around the birthday girl and sing Happy Birthday. The Pop Star will also sing Happy Birthday with the cake if requested to do so.  

Let us know if your daughter has a favourite pop song we can incorporate it into the program.


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