Party Tips

Party Tips

Party Size
We do not limit the number of children at our Fairytale Princess party. However the ideal number of children recommended is 8-15 children. We can do our program for up to 20 kids and with more than 15-20 children we may drop some elements. For you child's maximum enjoyment and to make her birthday memorable and special it is advisable to try to keep the numbers of children to 15 or less.

For the Fairytale Dress-up Party we must limit the number of children to 8-10 girls and up to 4 boys. We must limit the party due to the number of costumes in the dress-up trunk. If you have extra boys this is not a problem as the boys get prince crowns, and pirate hats and knight hats. But for the girls if you wish to have extra girls you will be required to provide extra costumes for them.

Only one child at a party.  Yes, we do have parties with only the birthday girl and they can be very special and magical. The birthday girl gets to spend the whole hour with the princess singing, storytime, colouring, make-up and a lot of  princess talk. The performers always enjoy these special parties.

More than one birthday child?
We do accommodate more than one birthday child. Both children will be crowned at the coronation ceremony at no additional charge. If the second child is a boy and is also celebrating that day we will try to accommodate him as well.

Party Length
We recommend a two hour party where the children arrive half hour before the princess. The princesses arrives and completely entertains the children for one hour, Mom has to do nothing during this time. When the Princess leaves the cake can be served and the presents taken care of, then it is time to hand out loot bags and thank everyone for coming!

Additional time: We do get requests for additional time and that can be arranged. Additional time is $40.00 per 15 minutes. However we do not recommend extra time for children's parties. Children have a very short attention span, even in school no activities last longer than an hour and usually more like 50 minutes. A two hour party is a perfect length to avoid meltdowns.

Space required
We can do the party in an apartment, a large hall, restaurant, the park, indoor playground or your home. If you give the Princess a lot of room she will spread out and use it if you have a small area she will get cozy and use that area.

Food During The Performance
Food, candy or drinks are not allowed during the princess performance, it makes it difficult to perform all the activities and can soil the performers costume. This includes Cheetos which can stain the costume and ring pops they are sticky and are in the way while applying makeup, dancing and playing games and the children can get them in each others hair and and clothes. If the children have food, candy or drinks the performer will ask the host to collect it until after the party.

When to book more than one performer?
We can book more than one performer but we only recommend it for large parties of 20 kids or more. All the princesses do the same routine and with a small party the program can be redundant. However it is your party and we will try to accommodate your requests.

Grand Entrance
For the maximum impact it is best to have the children sitting in a semi circle in the room where the princesses will perform so she can make a grand entrance! If the children meet her at the door if she is changing out of her coat and boots and bringing in her party supplies it takes away from the impact of her entrance.

Plug in close by
We try to create a party atmosphere with the music and we have carefully chosen songs to correspond to each activity. If the princess has to cross the room to change the song it interferes with the flow of the party. If your couch or sofa is close to a plug in that will be the perfect place to have the princesses sit. If it is across the room then it is best to place a chair for her there. When she arrives if you can take her CD player and plug it in for her where she will be performing. Many of our performers use iPod docking stations with speakers and are rechargeable or battery operated. If a performer needs an outlet you will be notified.

Payment is required at the end of the engagement we do not take a deposit. It is best if payment is given in an envelope. If the children inquire the princess usually tells them your parents are paying for my plane ticket back to my castle. If you do not wish to handle cash you can send an interact transfer the Friday before the party. Use Princess as the security answer. 

A tip is not included in the cost of the party. Tipping is always appreciated by the performer and can be added to the envelope.

Boys participation
Boys are welcome at our parties. We find boys under 6 usually enjoy the party as much as the girls. Older boys sometime need to be encouraged to participate. We do have superhero tattoos for them during the make-up and superhero colouring sheets during autographs, as well there are boy prizes in the treasure box. Please Note: We do encourage all boys to participate but will not press the issue, if the boys wander off the princess will not seek them out. If it is important to you to have the boys in the room with the princess please let them know this and ask them to play along for the sake of the birthday girl. It is best to have this conversation before the princess arrives. If you think the boys may not wish to participate just identify the number of boys you think will participate. It may be a good idea to have an area away from the princess where they can play a game such as soccer or football or a deck of cards or board game if indooors.

Dress-up Party
There is an additional $50.00 charge for the Fairytale Dress-up Party. We limit the number of children to 8-10 girls and up to 4 or 5 boys so we have enough costumes for all the children. There are princess dresses for the girls and superhero capes for the boys.

Singing Happy Birthday with the cake or with the children gathered around the birthday girl
We get requests for both. If you wish to sing Happy Birthday with the cake then let the princesses know either when she arrives or at the half way point so she can adjust her program. If you plan to have her sing with the cake you would cue her the last 5 minutes of the party so she can bring the children to the table. She will leave immediately after happy Birthday before the cake is served. Please do not keep the performer waiting to sing happy birthday with the cake, she may have a performance directly after your party and may have to leave before you have the cake ready.

Once the princess is ready to leave and has said her goodbyes it is best to leave the children to their cake or to have them stay in the party room so they do not see her drive off.

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