Fairytale Princess Party

1 Hour Engagement  Perfect for 3-9 year old Children

Ariel Flounder

Characters -Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tinker Bell, Anna , Elsa, Elena, Moana, Mal, Mirabel and coming soon Isabela.

Royal Entrance

Your daughter's favourite Fairytale Princess will greet the children and give a special hello to the birthday girl. The Princess will introduce herself and ask all of the little Princesses and Princes to introduce themselves to her as well.

Fairytale Story Time

The Princess will gather all the children around her and tell her fairytale story in a fun and interactive way

Royal Ball

The Princess will invite all the girls and boys to sing and dance with her to her favourite songs.

Perfect Princess Make-up

All the girls will get to look like their favourite princess. For boys the Princess will bring superhero or pirate tattoos.

Royal Coronation

Now that your little girl looks like her favourite princess she will be crowned as a princess. She will be presented with a tiara and given a royal scroll keepsake.

Perfect Party Games

There will be two games, the games are suitable for children of all ages.

Special Surprise for Everyone

All the Princesses and Princes will get an autographed picture of the Princess and a sticker. For the boys we have superhero stickers and pictures.

Royal Portraits

The Princess is now ready to pose with all the little Princesses and Princes.

Happy Birthday!

Its time to gather everyone around the birthday girl and sing Happy Birthday. The Princess will also sing Happy Birthday with the cake if requested to do so.

Royal Farewell
The Princess has to return to her Prince and the castle. She will give everyone a hug and a special goodbye for the birthday girl.

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