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Elsa came and my daughter spent a dream-like birthday. I appreciate your support as you sent me an excellent and professional Elsa, who is beautiful and conscientious in performing her task. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Thank you again.
Leonard, Richmond Hill

I just wanted to follow up with you after my daughter Lexie's birthday party on Saturday. Oh my goodness! Elsa was incredible!  She was full of magic and enchantment, kindness and beauty.  She was so lovely with the little girls attending the party and it was a dream come true for all of us! The whole experience brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for arranging this on such short notice, and please let our Elsa know once again how special she made my daughter's 6th birthday party. I will certainly recommend your company.

With sincere gratitude,
Lisa Bomanville

We just had a wonderful visit from Elsa for my daughter's fourth birthday party. From the moment she walked in the door all 8 three and four year olds were enthralled. Lots of surprises held their attention, and Alyssa had great skills at engaging the kids and fielding all questions and demands ('make something out of ice right now!') seamlessly and in character. Her poise and confidence set a wonderful magical mood for the kids, and watching the parents happily watching their kids interact was really lovely. Singing in a crowd of strangers can't be easy, but Alyssa made it look that way and her voice was amazing. We really couldn't be happier...this was easy to book and great value. My daughter was in heaven...this was the best birthday gift by far.
Andrea, Toronto

I just wanted to let you know that Grace's party today was a wonderful success and Queen Elsa's visit was amazing! She was absolutely fantastic and the children hung on her every word! Thank you so very much! And our thanks to Elsa too! - an incredibly talented performer!
Lynda, Mount Albert

We had Elsa at our daughter's 4th birthday this past weekend. Honestly, she did an amazing job!!! The best money I've ever spent. All the kids were really into it, singing and dancing. Even a few parents! Everyone spoke so highly of her performance and said she really stayed in character. Thank you so much to our Elsa and to Barb for saving the day when another non-reputable company left me high and dry, I will definitely be contacting you next year!!!!
Alyson, Whitby
Incredible, amazing, thrilled, soo incredibly happy with Snow White. She was just fabulous! My daughter was just in heaven. Half way thru it all, I see Serena putting her arm around Snow White like it was her best friend. Serena was so happy, I was so happy, everyone was just so impressed by this young gal! Amazing job!!! From the bottom of my heart, please tell Snow White she has created a wonderful memory that no one in my family will ever forget. And just making my daughter's dreams come true. Thank you so much. This really meant so much to us! Thank you
Kristy, Milton

I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful Party today. Barbie came and she was just fabulous...just as my daughter and the other girls imagined a princess to be. She was lovely and graceful, and truly seemed to enjoy spending time with the girls. I will certainly recommend your agency to all my friends.

Jill, Toronto

My daughter was so happy and could not believe Cinderella was in our house, along with all the other girl's. You will defiantly be getting some phone call's for birthday's. She was a lovely girl and brought tear's to my eye's when she sang. She made my daughter's birthday wonderful, we will be calling again next year for another Princess party.
Christine, Aurora


I want to take a moment to thank you and Ariel for making my daughter's 5th birthday a dream come true!! The guests and Moms were very impressed with her demeanor  kindness, beautiful voice and overall attentiveness to the girls. I won't hesitate to recommend you to all my friends.

Grace, Mississauga

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the wonderful party. Ariel was wonderful and the girls were completely enthralled. It was well organized, fun and interactive. It was completely stress free as the girls were all in one room with Ariel listening to the story, singing and playing games. They all went home to tell their parents what a wonderful time they had. Thank you so much for such a wonderful party. It was truly the best party we have ever organized for our daughter.

Laura, Whitby

Just a little note to say thank you for putting a smile to my daughter's face.  It takes someone really special to keep the attention of small children with such calmness, gentleness and professionalism.  Belle was magnificent, and she made my little girls dream come true.  This is definitely something that I would share with others.  All I could say is WOW!!!!? Can your kindly tell her thank you again for us, all Shantel can't stop talking about is the Happy Birthday Princess song.

Denise, New Market

I had the pleasure of using your services for my daughter's birthday party. Cinderella came to our house, and to say she was a huge hit would be a great understatement. I would like you to know that everyone at the party was extremely impressed with Cinderella, being everything from her likeness, her beauty, composure, talent, and her vocals were incredible to the say the least! There were actually some adults at the party that had tears in their eyes when she began to sing, not only because it was so beautiful, but also because of the astonished faces of the little girls. They were absolutely in awe of her, and it seemed to be almost magical.  She was absolutely fabulous, and so is your company.  It was very organized, and timed perfectly. Your company has superseded any expectation that I ever had, and everyone at the party cannot stop talking about Cinderella. Thank you so much for doing what you do, it's a wonderful service that you have, and I know that my daughter will always cherish the memory.

Anna, Pickering

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your services. Your Tinkerbell was absolutely amazing! The kids loved her and she was so engaging. She made my daughter's day so special. I will definitely be contacting you again next year! Thanks again!

Kelly, Mississauga

I just wanted to let you know that Katy Perry was amazing 🙂 The kids at our staff party LOVED her! Everyone was entertained and she was so good with them. They were all star struck! Thank you so much for your help, understanding and your super stars 🙂 I found you through a recommendation of one of my friends on Facebook - and I will definitely recommend you and keep you in mind for future events! Thanks!

Lindsey, Toronto





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